Steering Committee ​

CZU Prague

Lenka Kouřimská

UCT Prague

Jana Hajšlová

UCT Prague

Jana Pulkrabová

FRIP Prague

Aleš Landfeld

FRIP Prague

Zuzana Šmídová

Scientific Board


Claudia Zoani


Petr Cuhra

TU München

Michael Rychlik

SVI Prague

Jan Rosmus

Open Access Committee

FRIP Prague

Radko Pechar


Karel Šmejkal

Open Access

METROFOOD-CZ provides its services to a wide range of users, researchers, academics, government supervisors, food retailers, consumers and the general public. These end-users can be public and private research laboratories and research groups active in many scientific fields (metrology, analytical chemistry, food analysis, food composition and nutrition, food quality and safety, food processing; epidemiological studies and risk analysis); food companies; institutions and services (education, research, food distribution, input supplies). The METROFOOD-CZ research infrastructure is open to all users with interesting scientific projects from all over the world.